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Purified News Privacy Policy

Effective Date April 10, 2021 

Privacy and data protection are essential to the Purified News (“Purified’s”) community. Transparency to us is everything. Purified is a healthy technology and carefully considers how we use collected information, and if it is shared with others, how they will use it as well.

We’ve done our best to explain what information we collect about you, how that data is used, and under what circumstances we can share limited amounts of it with others. Please take the time to read this privacy statement carefully. It refers to all interactions you have with Purified’s products and services where this privacy policy exists or is referenced, as well as all other interactions you have with Purified’s products and services.

You confirm that you have read, understood, and accept the terms of this privacy policy by viewing or using Purified’s software, websites, or services that reference it. This privacy statement is not a contract, and no legal rights or obligations are created due to it.


The Information We Gather

Purified gathers, receives, or creates the following types of knowledge from or about you while using one of Purified’s products or services: We keep track of Identifiers, Contacts, and Accounts. You give us your email address, location, and username to access your account when you create an account with Purified. If you prefer, you can create a  user name that  is  not  your legal name. Based on the information you give us, we may  collect demographic Information. We can also  collect Payment Information if you choose Enhanced features. If you subscribe to one of our Enhanced or paid services, we can collect your credit card and other payment details. Naturally, you will know if we do this. We will collect the details you provide to us.

By adding a profile picture and or customizing your user profile or “Bio,” your username appears in your profile by default. When you ask a question or leave a message, we collect data as well. Requests to delete this information from our database can be submitted to privacy@purified.newsWe monitor your device’s, phone, and network activity. We gather information about how you communicate with our websites and applications and third-party sites such as news organizations to improve your Purified experience. This includes what sections of the news articles you visit and how long you stay there and what material you stream, swipe, and engage. If you visit our website(s) or use our services, we will collect information about you such as the browser or device you are using, operating system, device identifiers, and your IP address.

On our website and app, we can keep track of the pages you visit. We can learn where you came from or where you go after you leave us. We will also consider how much you use the app and whether it runs on iOS or Android. We can collect operating system-provided device IDs or user-specific advertising IDs for advertisement tracking when using our apps or websites. The tracking tools listed below are used to collect this information. We gather information about your location. We will ask for additional details, such as your location, to help you interact with Purified newscasts and personalize your Purified experience. We can also use your zip code or postcode, as well as your IP address, to gather information about your general location.

How Do We Gather Information?

We obtain personal information about you from a number of sources, both directly and indirectly, including the sources mentioned below: 

We collect directly from you – when you contact us, build or customize your account profile, or buy subscriptions and or enhanced services from us, we can request and collect Identifiers, Contact and Account Information, and Payment Information directly from you. We also collect information you submit if you post a comment, make a request, or complete a survey.

If you apply for a position at Purified News Inc., we will obtain employment-related details from you.

We obtain data from your devices in an unobtrusive manner. When you interact with our websites, applications, advertisements, following, and in-app messages, we use different tracking technologies such as cookies and embedded scripts to gather information about you. We keep track of your details across time and through different devices.

Third parties can provide us with details. If you connect your Purified account to a third-party service, that service collects information on your behalf. If you don’t want to create a new account, you may be able to sign in with an account you already have with another service, such as Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Google, and others. Other services you use, such as social networking sites, photo or video sharing services, video enhancement services, writing software, and media publishers, such as paid subscription services for pay-walls, can be linked to your Purified account. Depending on the service and your privacy settings, the details we collect from these services can include:

Demographic information.

  • Contacts on that social service.
  • Content you’ve made publicly available on these platforms.

If you post Purified’s links, videos and images on your social sites or websites you agree to do this under the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. 


What Do We Do With the  Information We Gather?

A big part of our purpose at Purified is the creation of reports that our reporters and users find interesting. That’s why your Purified profile, the people and sources you follow or that follow you, the reports you create, and all of the information you post is all public. : We use the information to provide you with better services and to administer our websites and apps. We use the information to analyze and improve our products and services. For example, we may use your information to make our websites, apps, services, and products better. We might use your information to understand better how you use our service, customize your experience with us (including the content, marketing materials, and advertisements you see), and conduct research and analysis.

We use information to meet our commitments, manage our apps and services, and run our business. Personal information is used to manage the apps (and websites), such as troubleshooting, data analysis, and monitoring, for example. Data is used for marketing purposes. We may use personal information to provide you with information about our services, for example, we may send you information about new features or services. You can choose to receive our email updates if you want to. Personal information can be used to protect our organization, clients, business associates, and their respective employees, for example. Personal information can also be used to secure our websites or services, prevent harassment, and identify and investigate potentially illegal or prohibited activities. We may also use your information to run background, jobs, and credit checks, as well as determine financial, reputational, credit, and other risks associated with any current or future relationship with you.

If you want to send news accounts, you can do so. We use analytics data to double-check our findings. If you make requests in accordance with this privacy policy, we will, for example, use some pieces of your account information to check your identity. Depending on the sensitivity and purpose of your request, the verification steps and personal details we request can differ. We collect data in order to respond to your requests and questions. We use your information to contact you in response to your feedback or to communicate with you about other aspects of our relationship (such as about this Privacy Policy or our Terms of Use). We use information as allowed or necessary by law, or as we can inform you at the time of selection. We can use personal information to construct de-identified or aggregated data that does not identify you or any other person and cannot reasonably be used to determine your identity. We have complete freedom to use and publish de-identified, anonymous, or aggregated data.

Purified can work with advertising partners to serve you third-party advertisements on Purified and other services, including interest-based advertisements. We attempt to reduce or eliminate advertisements in our system that deal with similar subject matter as our news. Our marketing partners and other parties’ privacy policies apply to personal information they collect. See the “your options” section below for more detail about how to manage how we share your information with marketing partners. If we are required to do so by law, to protect ourselves, our customers, and others, or for safety and security reasons, we can share your personal information. If we believe it is fairly appropriate to comply with a statute, regulation, or legal procedure, such as responding to a court order or subpoena, we can share your details. If a government agency or investigative body requests it, we will share this personal information. Nothing in this privacy policy is intended to restrict any legal objections or defences you might have to third-party attempts to foreclosure of your details inducing government legal orders. We may need to  share your personal information in order to enforce our agreements and/or protect our or others’ rights. When we are investigating possible fraud, such as promotions fraud, we can share your personal information. Personal information is shared with suppliers and service providers who assist us in providing and improving our services. We can share information with vendors who provide Purified with technological tools and services (such as email and analytics services) that enable us to better understand how people use Purified. 

To process your payments, we also exchange Payment Information with our service provider. If we sell, move, or otherwise share any or all of our assets connected with a merger, takeover, reorganization, or selling of assets in the event of bankruptcy, we can share personal details. Purified, for example, can reveal your personal information to a prospective buyer, lender, or bank as part of those due diligence processes if it sells any of its businesses or properties, applies for loans, or opens bank accounts. We also exchange data for the purposes of business management and administration. Assume that a third party acquires a portion of our company (including any of our affiliates, branches, or business units). In that case, we can include personal information, including any or all categories of your personal information, as part of the transaction. We can even share your personal details if our organizational structure changes. Your knowledge can also be shared with others as part of the due diligence process for our corporate changes, with your permission, after informing you of the types of information that will be exchanged and with whom. We may share anonymous, aggregated data about how our users use Purified in a way that does not personally identify you. We can share non-personally identifiable, non-aggregate data with companies that help us improve our products and services, such as advertising (for example, anonymized Advertising IDs) (such as research companies and analytics providers). Personal information may also be shared for other purposes that we may explain to you from time to time or as allowed or necessary by law.


Your Power

You can unsubscribe from our marketing emails at any time.

You can unsubscribe from our promotional emails by following the instructions included in any promotional message you receive from us. We will continue to send you transactional messages even though you opt-out of receiving marketing messages. These provide answers to your inquiries. Certain cookies and monitoring tools are under your influence. Cookies and HTML5 local storage are two methods for storing information about your Internet use on your mobile device or computer. To help us build your session, know when you’re logged in, and remember some details about how you communicate with Purified, we use cookies and device ID’s local storage. If you don’t want to use cookies or local storage, most smartphones let you turn them off or need your permission before using them to save data. However, suppose you prefer not to store information in cookies or local storage. In that case, certain features of Purified cannot  work properly. You may also be able to access cookies and other monitoring tools through your browser. Depending on the instrument, you can do so in a variety of ways. User cookies can be disabled in some browsers. 

Please keep in mind that this privacy policy only applies to Purified and does not cover other providers’ activities. Purified and its advertising partners often use web beacons in ads to monitor how users interact with and display advertisements. Purified can share your Advertisement ID with advertising partners in a de-identified manner that is not bound to your name or email address, depending on your operating system’s advertising preferences. We, third-party advertising networks, social media companies, and other services may use cookies, beacons, or other tracking technologies to collect information about your use of our apps and websites over time so that they or we can show interest-related advertising based on information gathered about you over time through multiple websites or other platforms.  Alternatively, you can opt out of not using Purified any longer. We use Google Analytics to learn more about how our visitors communicate with our websites. You may indicate that you don’t want your Internet browsing behavior to be monitored in specific browsers. We do not currently respond to Do-Not-Track requests because these features are not uniform. Certain features of our apps cannot work if you disable cookies. Not all of the tracking listed here will stop if you block or reject cookies. App, browser, website, and device-specific options and choices are available. You’ll have to reset your settings if you delete your cookies or clear your browser’s cache.


Your Legal Power

Purified respects data privacy protection and is pleased to provide the following solutions to our users:

Change or Correct Data: You may edit any of your personal information via your account, or you can contact Purified Support for assistance. In some situations, we might be able to change or correct your data, particularly if it’s outdated or out of date.

Data Can Be Erased or Deleted: You can delete your account and remove your personal information. Alternatively, subject to some exceptions, you may ask us to delete all or any of your personal information.

You may ask us to avoid using any or any of your personal information for certain purposes (e.g., if we don’t have a legal right to use it) or limit our use of it for certain purposes (e.g., if we don’t have a legal right to use it) (e.g., if your personal information is inaccurate).

Data Access or Copies: You have the right to request a copy of your personal information.

Purified Support may provide more information about these choices or send a request by contacting them via the Help Center or by emailing Purified may only respond to valid requests as needed by law or regulation for protection, privacy, or operational reasons.

Security and Data Retention

The Internet isn’t completely secure. We employ industry-standard security measures. We can’t guarantee that using our websites, software, or services will keep you secure. Any data transfer to our websites is done at your own risk. When using the Internet, we recommend that you exercise caution. Personal information is kept for as long as it is required or appropriate for the purposes defined in this Privacy Policy, such as legal compliance, dispute resolution, contract enforcement, backup, archival, and other internal operations. This includes information you or others send to us and information provided as a result of your use of our services. Besides, we keep the information as required by law.

Data Retention Outside the European Union

We store and use personal data outside of the EU as a business headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. You agree to such upload, storage, and processing by using our websites or submitting your personal data. We use sufficient protections as required by applicable law or regulation to ensure adequate personal data security during cross-border transfer and/or processing.

Links to different Websites

We could provide links to websites run by third parties over which we have no control. The information policies of such websites are not covered by this Privacy Policy. You should carefully read the privacy policy of other websites before disclosing any of your personal information. When visiting such similar websites, you do so at your own risk.

Minimum Age of Our Users

Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to use Purified’s software. We do not knowingly obtain data from children under the age of sixteen. You can email us at if you are a parent or legal guardian and believe your minor under the age of 16 has sent us information. If you are under the age of 16, you must have the permission of a parent or guardian to use our applications.

Revisions to this Privacy Statement

We may decide to revise this privacy policy from time to time. The most recent version will control our use of your information and will therefore be available on the websites and applications to which this policy relates, although older versions can be requested. We will notify you by posting a notice on our website if we make changes that we believe will materially alter your rights. You agree to any updates or revisions to the revised privacy policy if you choose to use our websites, software, apps or services.


We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about this privacy policy. Please let us know if you have any ideas for us.

Updated on April 6, 2022

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