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PurifyIt Tip #1: Keep It P.U.R.E

If Your Report is  P.U.R.E. – It’s Purified. Follow these four rules of thumb to make your report sing!

P Punchy
Pick just the key elements from the story that you want to convey. Use a maximum of 70 words, usually two to three sentences.

U Unbiased
Trim the fat – bias, opinion, and filler from the report. If there’s a statement or opinion someone makes that feels essential to your story, just keep it in quotes. Ie: Dr. Seuss said, “Children make an excellent audience.” And keep the report free of your own opinion.

R Reliable
Use at least two industry news sources for your research. And if they are from distinctly varied sources, all the better. Cross check for consistencies.

E Easy to Understand
Consider your viewer. Tell the story like you just met a friend and have 20 seconds to communicate this news to them. Use simple, plain English. Keep it short. And have fun!

Updated on August 9, 2021

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