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PurifyIt Tip #2: Keep It Short and Simple.

A finished Purified Video is about 25 seconds long, so the script you write is pretty concise. Here are a few key tips to keep is simple:

  • Start with a question:  Ask yourself “What does my viewer want and need to know about this story?”
  • Lead with what feels like the  most essential information. Look for “the nugget” or the heart of the story in each of the articles you source. Skip opinion, bias or filler. 
  • Use clear, easy to understand language. Avoid technical words that are difficult to pronounce or remember.  Write the story like you’re giving a friend a quick update.
  • Avoid clutter. You may want to cut out names and refer to them by a title or description for ease of reading. For example: “A customer of Walmart” or a “bystander” is easier to read and say  than a full name like John Doppelganger. Or use  “the governor of Iowa”” instead of their full name, which gives context to the story and makes it easier to remember.
Updated on August 10, 2021

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