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PurifyIt Tip #3: Don’t Plagiarize.

Plagiarism is just a scary word that means you copied something exactly as it was written by someone else. It’s easy to avoid this kind of trouble when you do these simple things:

  • Put everything in your own words. Think of telling your news report to a friend. How would you say it?
  • Create your report from at least two industry news reports. This way you’re sure to be writing a new report.
  • Give credit, use quotes. If there’s a statement or opinion someone makes that feels essential to your story, you keep it in quotes. Ie: Dr. Seuss said, “Children make an excellent audience.” The same is true when you want to use verbatim text, use quotes to give credit,  like this: According to plagiarism.com “plagiarism is the use of another’s original words or ideas as though they were your own.” 

If your report gets flagged by Purified’s Verification algorithm for plagiarism, don’t stress, it’s just an opportunity to put the story in your own words before we put it out there for broadcast.

Updated on August 10, 2021

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