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Quality, Transparency and Safety

Everything that is reported in our app has been cross verified against multiple mainstream media articles and vetted by AI.

Purified News is an equal opportunity platform that is not affiliated with any news organisations, governments or political platforms.

In order to deliver to bring the most value to our viewers, we employ 4 layers of verification:

  • AI selects the most reported and most talked about breaking news of the day. No individual person can make a decision or influence the news that gets reported in our app. All the topics come from credible news organization to filter out any fake news.
  • Our reporters add that human touch to the presentation of news. They cross reference the facts across multiple sources to answer the four questions: ‘Who? What? When? Where?’ But not ‘Why?’ That questions is left for the viewer to interpret when they receive the news as simple, easy-to-digest packages.
  • The AI verification goes through sever stages to verify everything submitted by the reporter, from simple checks like plagiarism and profanity to ensuring there is no explicit bias, opinion or unverified information.
  • The ultimate test of audience. Even after AI deemed a report to be pass the threshold be be allowed on the platform, the audience is the ultimate judge of quality. As with any user generated content the audience test is what will set apart the best reporters from the rest.

Updated on March 15, 2022

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