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Recording Your Video

An important part of appealing to your audience is to ensure that your video is fun and engaging to watch. Here’s a few tips to keep things exciting: 

1) Clear Voice: How clearly are you speaking? Is it easy to understand what you’re saying? Don’t fall into the trap of trying to fit too much information into 20 seconds where it becomes difficult to follow.

2) Interesting Background: Where are you recording? How interesting is it to look at? Is it somewhere where the viewer would like to spend time? We aren’t looking for studio-level production but our general advice is to stay away from the blank backgrounds. 

3) Movement: Add a level of dynamism to your video by mixing in some movement. Even if it’s just walking around your apartment, movement adds a layer of detail that helps retain the user’s attention. It may be nice to have a mixture of stories on your page of both static and moving. You don’t have to move in every story! We just find it is a nice change-up. 

Make sure not to be too close to the camera; it is easy to see your eyes reading the teleprompter if you’re too close. 

4) Tone: What is the tone of your report? Is it appropriate to the story? Are you emphasizing certain parts or using body language? Make sure you don’t sound monotone or flat!

5) Act Natural: Remember that the appeal of Purified News is that this is news by the people for the people. Speak to the camera as if you are having a conversation with a friend and be yourself.

Updated on March 14, 2022

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