Login issues
When joining Purified News, your email address is linked to your account. If you need to restore your access to the app, you need to use your email. You do not need to know your user name to log in.

How to change my username?
You can change your username from the app’s settings area when you’re logged into the mobile app.

Updating your profile
You can update your user profile by selecting “edit profile” within the profile area.

Disabled accounts
Purified is a safe place to get news. While some platforms may embrace opinions and sensationalized emotions, purified does not allow it. A list of violation includes, but not limited to:
– Offensive language
– Offensive images, backgrounds or gestures
– Use of copyright materials
– All forms of harassment
– Attempts to use Purified broadcast to advertise personal promotions, products, and or services
– Attempts to influence the news via bias

Deleting my account
You can delete your account and all your personal information associated with it in settings by selecting “Delete Account”.
Updated on March 27, 2022

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